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National Careers Service - Inspiring Careers

It is with much appreciation that we announce that the National Careers Service (NCS) have been working closely with some of our Board members in order to produce a series of motivational videos. These short insights delve into the importance of working in the sector and what someone can typically expect if they choose a career in that particular industry. Not only is the information valuable, but their ability to enthuse is unparallelled. Please see below the available NCS videos that Board members have participated in:






Essex Employment & Skills Board – Construction Labour and Skills Research

The Essex Employment & Skills Board is working together with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to create a construction strategy and action plan to help address the skills challenges the construction industry is facing across Greater Essex.

This research report is the first step in the creation of a detailed ‘evidence base’ that should be utilised to inform decision making and enable the creation and execution of that wider construction strategy.

Click here to head to the full report.

National Careers Service LMI New Bulletin - Jan 2015

This is the first National Careers Service Labour Market Information Bulleting aimed at the South East of England (East Sussex, Essex and Kent & Medway). This bulletin includes a full page on Essex Employmeny and Skills Board and the Evidence Base. To view the bulletin click here.

Health Education England's draft workforce plan 2-15/16

This draft document sets out Health Education England's proposed Education and Training Commissions for 2015-16. To view the plan click here.

NHS Qualified Nurse Supply and Demand Survey - Findings

This report has been produced for the Health Education England Nursing Supply Steering Group and gives an overview of demand and supply of the qualified nurse workforce in NHS service provider organisations which will help to inform and shape co-ordinated recruitment and retention initatives. This is a useful additional report to the Health Sector evidence within the Skils Evidence Base. To view the report, click here.

Educating Essex Together (Employer and Educator Event)

The ESB  held a successful event on 9th October 2014 at Anglia Ruskin University aimed at facilitating a dialogue between employers and educators. Entitled ‘Educating Essex Together’, the event included representatives from local employers, universities, schools and colleges and explored collaborative soluitions to skills shortages. Following the event, the ESB looked at feedback and have produced a response outlining current and future planning programmes which are responding to feedback. Click here to view the response.

The Greater Essex Skills Survey Results 2014 captures the main feedback from local employers surveyed as part of the Employment & Skills Board Evidence Base for Skills. The report includes sectoral analysis and covers feedback on recruitment, training, opportunities and barriers.

The Employability for Life Charter was established to engage businesses, schools and pupils in raising the standards of employability in those leaving school, for the benefit of both employers and school leavers. The aim is for all school leavers to understand and achieve the levels of behaviour, aptitude and attitude that are required by employers when committing to investing in young people. Click here to see the Charter. A leaflet outlining the Charter is also available by clicking here.

Employability for Life Charter PLUS is also now available - click here to view it.

The criteria for Charter PLUS builds upon learning opportunities and experiences pre-16  and has been written to reflect the different pathways and learning opportunities for post-16 learners

Equipping the Future Workforce of Essex

Essex County Council's Essex Youth Service provides work experience for young people across Essex to support them in achieving their ambitions at an early stage in their working life. Since its inception in June 2013, the team has worked with over 150 businesses across Essex including Royal Mail, Next, Premier Inn and HMV. With an increased demand for work experience, they are looking to expand their network of trusted businesses. With 67% of employers likely to employ only those with work experience (including those in our growth sectors), this is an important start for young people in Essex. This does require sufficient numbers of placements being provided by local companies.

The team is looking to broaden the range of work experience opportunities within different sectors so this is an excellent opportunity for companies in our growth sectors to help improve the choices of young people by offering real-life experience in the working world and informing their future career options. It will also equip our future workforce and support the local economy to grow.

Businesses supporting the programme would also be entitled to a discount on Trading Standards 'Buy with Confidence' scheme. If you are interested in providing bespoke placements for young people, or for more information please contact or tel: 03330 322800.