Whole Area Community Budgets is about improving the delivery of public services, ensure efficiency, effectiveness and an improved customer experience, cut costs and reduce demand.

The Reducing Reoffending project has been chosen because it meets these aims in relation to addressing the issue of reoffending but also because it seeks simultaneously to bring together partners in adopting a preventative approach to what the evidence tells us is a high risk group in terms of current and future demand on public services in Essex.

The proposition is to develop a truly multi-agency approach to reducing reoffending by bringing together, systematically, criminal justice and non-criminal justice agencies to reduce current and future demand on public services.

To achieve this we will implement a pan-Essex multi agency strategy for reducing reoffending focussing on offenders, and the families of offenders: reducing current demand through preventative work with offenders and reducing future demand by focussing preventative work on the children of offenders.

Additional members

For more information on the Reducing Reoffending workstream please contact the Project Lead Michael Kay or the Project Manager, Olawale Esan.